Welcome! February 7, 2015


I'm Maggie and I make music for games. I've loved game music since I received my first Game Boy. It never occured to me that I could actually make music for games myself. I still don't really think I can but...I do anyways, because it's fun!

My journey in to making game music started about 3 years ago. I heard about and applied for a game making workshop specifically for women with no prior game making experience. It was run by a little group called Dames Making Games. It was their first ever workshop, and I was both pleased and terrified when I was accepted in! Over the course of the workshop, a friend and I created Manic Manatees, a rhythm game built in Stencyl. I wrote the music in Mario Paint. I didn't know what a DAW or MIDI was yet!

Making music tapped into a creative vein that I hadn't felt comfortable exploring in a long time, but with the encouragement and support of many in the Toronto game community (special shout out to Henry and Jennie Faber) I decided to continue to pursue music in games.

Since then I've practiced and learned all I can about making music and working with game developers specifically to make music for games. I've worked really hard and I've been extremely fortunate in many ways. My work can be heard in a number of apps available on both iPhone and Android, as well as on PC/Mac and Ouya!

I wanted to create a blog supplement to my site for a bunch of reasons:

  1. I want to share experiences and tips in the hopes of helping others (and maybe learn something new myself)
  2. I want to talk about my musical process and various projects.
  3. I want to talk about game music and composers I like.
  4. I want to talk about some of the cool things that are going on in my community, things like jams and workshops.

I have some thoughts about exploring some more technical stuff as well, purely for learning purposes, but let's see if I can write a simple post first, huh?

If anyone does end up finding something here helpful, or if you'd like to leave some feedback, a comment, a thought, a question.... please do! Email me at maggie@maggiemclean.com or tweet at me, @mjnmclean !