February Roundup: GDC! LongStory! MORE!!!! February 24, 2016

February Roundup Time!

I'm Going to GDC!

Very excited that, thanks to Dames Making Games' GDC scholarship, I was able to receive a pass for GDC 2016! I must also give a very heartfelt thanks to Uken Games for providing me the support I needed to travel and stay for the conference. I will be there officially representing both DMG as a grateful and loyal member, and Uken Games, as a grateful and loyal QA Lead and Composer!

This will be my second year attending GDC. My first year was an absolute whirlwind, but what I brought back felt invaluable. This year I'm already looking forward to Winnifred Phillips' incredible talks (she really is a fantastic speaker!) as well as the premier of the Beep game audio documentary, the passion project of a lovely human, Karen Collins, whom I greatly admire.

Also super excited for my fellow Uken friends Nick van Vugt and Owen Lawson's talk called "Dealing with Cheating: Five Years of Evolving Approaches."

More LongStory!

LongStory will also be at GDC this year, as part of the Indie Megabooth! This is is a massively exciting thing to be part of, and I'm so pleased that this will be a chance for more people to try the game. I'm also super pleased that it will be featured along with some other incredible indie titles!

In addition to this, LongStory has been nominated for SEVERAL awards as part of the International Mobile Gaming Awards! I feel so lucky to be a part of this incredible project!

Rocket 5's Kitty Disastrous Trailer!

I was super excited when Cathy of Rocket 5 Studios got in touch with me about making some music for a trailer for their upcoming game, Kitty Disastrous. I'm a big fan of Rocket 5, and every interaction I've had with Cathy and Tim have been absolutely lovely; working on this track was no different - They were enthusiastic and fun! This work came at a bad time for me; I was neck deep in work and life and didn't think I'd have the bandwidth to take it on, so I took a VERY anxious and worried stab at it and golly I'm glad I did! This game is going to be absolutely BRILLIANT and I feel pleased and lucky to have a small part in this first look trailer! Shout outs to my sound pal Jen Costa, who provided the sound design in the trailer!

And guess what: Kitty will be at GDC as well! You can play Kitty Disastrous at GDC 2016 in GDC Play Booth PL211

Ritual of the Moon on 'Play Dead'

In last month's blog entry, I talked about a project I was working on with Kara Stone called Ritual of the Moon. Today, Kara was featured on Gabby DaRienzo's new, fantastic podcast Play Dead. Gabby is wonderful person and does a great job on this podcast and I can't wait to see what else she has in store! You can directly listen to the episode in question here.

It's a really interesting talk, and I was happy they had a chance to explore some pretty interesting themes across Kara's work. My music is played in a few places, as well as my collaborations for Ritual of the Moon with Halina Heron. Also, some work by another local creative, Aaron Bernstein. I feel so lucky!

I feel lucky.

Really, the overarching theme here is that I feel incredibly lucky. To have these opportunities, to work with people I really like, to contribute to their projects, to breathe the same air. I never, ever take this for granted or a given... every single time I get an email or a message asking me to participate in some way, I feel incredibly grateful.

Anyways, believe it or not, this is just a portion of what I have in the works right now. Hopefully I'll be able to update a bit more next month!